Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wedding Week: Paul Arrived!

No photos, but Paul arrived safe and sound at 7:30 am-- 4.5 hrs before they closed the British airspace.

All exhausted and very happy in Cornwall.

Wedding Week of Photos: A Day Trip in London

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wedding Week of Photos: Mom Arrives!

Mom arrived at Heathrow Airport!!

Had to take a photo in front of her first Marks & Spencer (Terminal 5 at Heathrow)--and make a reference to Calendar Girls within her first hour of landing....

Together again!!

With her fabulous new luggage from Corey--rockin' style...

She's so cute waiting for the lift to take us to the Underground: World Traveller.

And she made it to Tooting--and took a picture of the flower stall first thing. (And now she's fast asleep--12 hours later!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding Week in Photos: Cards & 1st Present

The wedding cards have started arrive... I can't say that we've been able to wait to open them. Many contained RSVPs cards that people didn't want to trust the Royal Mail with on their own. The snuggling seals and the Mrs. & Mrs. are pretty awesome.

Then our first package arrived today! And, well, we asked 'What Would Christy Do?' and opened up her! (Look! It says "For the Brides" Eek!)

Along with a beautiful card inside, the tag on the (Liberty of London by Target!) bag said "Love Grows..."

What is it? What is it!?

Strawberries, sunflowers & marigolds! Put these together with the love apple seeds we received earlier this spring (i.e. heirloom tomatoes!) and we're gonna have a beautiful (newlywed!) garden this summer!

Wedding Week in Photos: Programmes

We are officially in the week of the wedding--Yes! Kicking off the week was the printing out of the programmes, or Order of the Day. With so much jam-packed into one day we couldn't see going without, but wanted to definitely do with the ribbon and playbill style programmes. So, we decided to write a letter to our guests. Part a little love story, part excerpts of the ceremony poetry, equal parts functional and grateful--we are quite pleased with our creation if we do say so ourselves....

Designed on faux letterhead for The Fowey Hotel, we wanted to carry through the day the theme of our relationship being transatlantic--both long distance for a year, and that our lives are transatlantic. Hence, the airmail envelopes.

And the ampersand. The joining us our lives together. There are two fonts in the letter: script and type. The first time the ampersand appears in the script after the envelope is at our signature: Alexandra & Erica.