Monday, June 1, 2009

The Proposal Story

E: On March 31st, I sat down with Alex’s parents for a chat (more on that later) in St. James’s Park in front of Buckingham Palace. Alex had no idea.

A: I had no idea.

E: We arranged for Easter Sunday to be the day; they would be around the corner, waiting, with champagne to celebrate with us and family friends, S&J.

A: I had no idea. I was busy celebrating being 25.

E: Alex and I arrived in Fowey on Thursday for Easter weekend. It was torture not telling her anything about the plans–so I told all my classmates in London instead!

A: I was just happy to be in Fowey at last!

…Easter weekend…

A: The weather is beautiful on Easter Sunday. We’ve finished our Sunday roast and decide to go for a walk up to the St. Catherine’s Castle, except I don’t want to go.

E: I quickly convince Alex that it is a GOOD idea to go for a walk–we can visit the big oak tree after all!–and today is a very special day for me: Easter reminds of a time when you can build your own kind of family and today I am here with her.

A: So off we go, with the rest of the family up ahead: Mum, Dad, S&J.

E: I haven’t been nervous up to this point. Just excited. Really excited. But now I’m nervous, and walking really fast!

A: I still have no idea. I’m just happy walking along with my love.

E: We get to the tree–and no one’s around, phew. The ring’s in my pocket. I had a speech planned, but that’s all gone out of my head at this point. I look at my love.

A: She hangs my jacket over a branch of the tree, looks into my eyes and says: ‘Alex, I honour you. I want to go on this journey with you.’ |And then she gets down on one knee–at which point I forget how to breathe, and start crying–and she says ‘Alex, will you marry me?’ And she pulls out the ring.

E: Meanwhile, I’m freaking out and trying to remember all the bits I wanted to say–like ‘Alexandra’ not ‘Alex,’ and the romantic leading-up bit about having found the love of my life–and now my left knee is kind of wet and she says ‘But I’m wearing mascara! Are you serious?’ Yep, she is (and it’s not running) and I am serious.

A: And then I say ‘Yes.’

E: And then she says ‘Yes’… but I’m not sure I believe her. So I ask her again, as I untie the ring from its ribbon.

A: And I say ‘Yes, without hesitation.’

E: Then we kiss!

A: Our first kiss as fiancés!

E & A: We don’t take any pictures, but there’s more talking and hugging and kissing and we go round the corner to the shelter on the cliff above St. Catherine’s castle and enjoy champagne and strawberries and chocolate Easter eggs in the beautiful Cornish sunshine.

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