Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wedding Week of Photos: Mom Arrives!

Mom arrived at Heathrow Airport!!

Had to take a photo in front of her first Marks & Spencer (Terminal 5 at Heathrow)--and make a reference to Calendar Girls within her first hour of landing....

Together again!!

With her fabulous new luggage from Corey--rockin' style...

She's so cute waiting for the lift to take us to the Underground: World Traveller.

And she made it to Tooting--and took a picture of the flower stall first thing. (And now she's fast asleep--12 hours later!)


  1. Yay yay yay! Show 'em how it's done, Chris (The world traveling, I mean ;))

  2. How exciting! Enjoy! LOVE her luggage =)

  3. Lovin' the photos! Is this her first England trip? I know the fam went to visit you in Ireland.

  4. Chris!!
    I love seeing these pictures of you...give Erica and alex a hug for me....hope Paul makes it okay through the volcanic ash.... LuAnn