Friday, January 29, 2010

Invitation Proofs!!

Our invitation proofs arrived via .pdf yesterday and Alex and I couldn't be more thrilled. One typo to catch and imagine it on brown recycled, eco-friendly paper... Ooh la la!

Our favorite bit is the 'and'...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

UK Wedding Update!

Whew--the wedding planning is on a serious roll. A check list for as much your enjoyment as to save my sanity!

Wedding Dress: As you know, bought my dress in September in Portland and brought it back with me to London; loved Luella's Boudoir too much not to take it there for alterations and ended up meeting the lovely Kat who altered the straps and hemmed it. Let me tell ya: I loved it when I bought; when I tried it on after all the alterations were complete, I've never felt more beautiful.

Wedding Suit: After months of talking about Gresham Blake's women's suits, Alex, her mum and I went down to Brighton weekend before last to have Alex try on a few (and for me to get some much desired frozen yogurt). I did see her in variations of a 3 piece suit, but not sized to her and in a different color--so technically not seeing her before the big day, right? She settled on a 3 piece suit in an oatmeal wool with lilac lining to be ordered asap! Eek! She's gonna look gorgeous...

Wedding Shoes: My shoes for the UK wedding are sorted (purple and lovely) while Alex is still deciding to wear red or not wear red. I think it'll help once she's got her suit to try them on with.

Hair: While some of you may not have seen the veil experience, I have decided no veil. Instead, I've ordered and received a gorgeous purple flower for my hair. Plus, had the hair trial with Tiko Lilly in Fowey over Christmas and booked in for the day of the wedding--yay!

Ceremony Venue: Well, you've heard the Marina Hotel had sold. It's definitely officially, definitely a construction site in April, and we've definitely moved to The Fowey Hotel. And actually, my Aunt R was right: it is a blessing in disguise--bigger room, same cost, extras like flowers and chair covers, wider views, and kick-ass honeymoon suit. Check out So You're Engayged for the updates on what happened 'When Your Wedding Venue Gets Sold: Parts 1-3.' All in all: Yeah Fowey Hotel! Bring on the cava and strawberries and make way for the magnificient Clare Murphy to weave her storytelling magic...

Reception Venue: Gallant's Sailing Club it is. Andrea is on it for how to decorate it and somehow we're gonna squeeze around 80 people in. It'll work. I'm just looking forward to the good food, DJ Guy, and the dance floor that opens up onto the balcony. Cross your fingers for warm weather!

Photographer: Over Christmas, we met with John from Cornish Wedding Photography and got along swimmingly. He's down to earth, shoots gorgeous lanscapes, and is totally up for being our wedding photographer! Plus, he really liked 2 of the places in Alex's house--the landing on the stairs and the garden stairs--that we want photos taken. Good times.

: Speaking DJ Guy (not sure if that's his actual DJ name, it's just what I'm gonna call him here) is a friend of Alex and her brother's from way back. We went to the club he DJ'd in Bristol for New Years and his collection of vinyls and iPod were funky and classic. He's up for requests and Alex's sister wants to bring along a few of her vinyls to share in the mix. Dancing. Can you tell we like dancing? Also, Alex's sister-in-law, Erica (not from America), has agreed to sing at the reception (Yay!). We've still to figure out what, but we're getting there. There is talk of 'The Rose'... (Mom & Kay, I'm looking at you...)

Food: After the ceremony, The Fowey Hotel is providing cava & strawberries as well as cream tea (scones, Cornish clotted cream, and jam + sandwiches) later on in the afternoon during storytelling. Yum. For dinner, we're in the process of ordering a selection of meats, cheeses, stuffed peppers, quiches, salads, breads, mini Cornish Pasties (pronounced p-aaa-sties, like past) from family friends Sue and Becky from Bellamama Deli in Lostwithiel. Double Yum.

Cake: The cake order is also in the process from Alex's aunt: 2 layers of Traditional English wedding cake, white marzipan, purple & green ribbons, fresh tulips, and letterpress cake topper in A & E. Woot!

Rings: Just ordered our wedding rings today. They are gorgeous, diamond-free, recycled metals, Etsy found. Check them out. Of course, we couldn't resist a few extra goodies from the same designer, Jesse Danger.

Invitations: All I can say on the invitations is I'm glad we didn't order them BEFORE we found out the Marina Villa had sold; luckily, it was the same day. We have also officially ordered them today though and Baumbirdy on Etsy is rocking the quick order. Those of you expecting UK invites, they'll be to you in early March.

*Breath* Holy moly, that's a lot of stuff we've done! Things still need to be confirmed, smaller fiddly-bits (like jewellry, table decorations, hen night, etc) are still needing to be planned, but really, we are doing damn good. On the day we went to try on suits for Alex, it was 3 months until the wedding. There are moments when that timeline causes a bit of a panic; other times, I can hardly wait.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Portugal backs same-sex marriage

In mild procrastination of remaining course work: a short blog post.

In the week when New Jersey has shot down gay marriage, Portugal parliament backs same-sex marriage. Sadly, they didn't think too much of letting married gays adopt though.

Quote: "The ratification would make Portugal the sixth country in Europe to allow same-sex marriages after Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Norway." England may not be on the list, but civil partnerships here = equal rights so I'm not complaining too much; and I'm still calling our civil partnership a wedding.

Next week, no more MA for me = more time to write about wedding schtuff. Oh, and work. Alex is busy as ever with placement but somehow we find the time. Happy weekend, y'all.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Sewing Machine for Christmas

Totally unrelated to our upcoming weddings (or maybe not actually): I got a sewing machine for Christmas! Off the top of my head, these projects are definitely on the list immediately upon finished my MA (next week!):
  • a winter quilt
  • a stethescope case for Alex
  • a stuffed squirrel to match Tulip
Of all the things I can think to possibly make for our wedding, with as much recycled material as possible are:
  • table cloths
  • bunting
  • fabric hearts
  • linen napkins
  • table runners
  • thank you presents
  • ties
  • um, ANYTHING.
2010 is gonna be such a good year!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Year of Getting Hitched!

It's 2010! We're getting married in 2010! This is the year we're getting married--whooooo!!!

The holiday break has involved lots of planning--securing the photographer; finding out our venue has officially sold, and negotiating a new venue; going for my hair trial and booking my hairstylist; a friend offering to do our make-up, and getting a number for a floral wholesaler; chatting with our food lovelies from bellamama deli in Lostwithiel; finding a DJ! Updates will come...but right now, I'm gonna enjoy New Year's Day with my love (and my dissertation :) ...